I am Jody Tucker, Owner of Access Music Therapy, llc and Creator of the Guitten. I’ve worked with children and hospice patients for the past 10 years, and through that experience I found the need to protect the head of my guitar for various reasons. With that need, the Guitten came to be. It has evolved over time, and the designs will continue to develop as I receive feedback and requests. Thank you for your support as I embark on this new journey with the Guitten!

The Solution is the Guitten (pronounced “git-ten”)

People who play the guitar to others such as children, elderly, and people with disabilities in close proximity, can experience times when the head of the guitar might move out of control when the person playing the guitar is moving around or leaning in to assist an individual in music. The strings of the guitar are wound at the head of the guitar, and the ends are very sharp, and can cause injury to the child, elderly or disabled individual if the guitar head comes in contact with them.

The Guitten will protect the receiver of the guitar music from any possible injury from occurring. The tuning pegs are also on the head of the guitar. Often, small children like to turn the tuning pegs, thereby unintentionally making the guitar out of tune. The Guitten will cover the guitar head and tuning pegs so that the tuning pegs will not be able to be manipulated by others.

Also, a guitar player might use a gig bag, which is a soft carrying case. The Guitten can be kept on the guitar head when not in use in order to protect the fabric/nylon lining of the gig bag/case from becoming damaged and shredded by the sharp string ends.

To use the Guitten, place the bottom opening over the guitar head until the tuning pegs are unseen and completely covered by the item, then secure the strap around the front of the item (just above the nut) securing it in place with the Velcro enclosure.
To remove, un-Velcro the strap, and lift the Guitten off to remove it completely.

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