Sunshine, Rainbows & Unicorns

Sunshine, Rainbows & Unicorns

Sunshine, rainbows, unicorns, and a toss on a little glitter!

G’day everyone! Since I recently came out with “Unice the Unicorn” Guitten, I thought I’d mix in a little glitter, sunshine and rainbows with the whole fun, colorful-terrific theme. If you haven’t met “Unice the Unicorn,” check her out HERE.
I recently came across the cutest unicorn craft projects for kids (and adults if you really like;)

Unicorn Head Toilet Tube Craft Project

For more of your creative pleasure, have fun sharing some time with the little one’s coloring this Unicorn Coloring Page.
Unicorn Coloring Page





And, we must spread a little music around. I love using this song for scarf dancing in my Rhapsody Garden classes.
Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Other Great Songs

Over the Rainbow
The Rainbow Connection from the Muppets

Sunshine on my Shoulders by John Denver
You Are My Sunshine
Lollipop by The Chordettes
Good Day Sunshine by John Denver
Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

I use this song with kids with directs colored felt squares on the floor in a row. Have them hop on the color you call out in the song. Then, have the child sing along with you after hearing the song a couple times. Goals are: motor skills and color identification

And, we can’t forget the GLITTER!!!
As a parent there are many tricks, ideas, interventions you need to have in your bag to encourage your child to calm when it’s needed. Here is a craft project that a child can fully help to create, and they will benefit from the finished product. It’s a Calm Down Glitter Jar.


St. Patrick’s Day Activity Parade

St. Patrick’s Day Activity Parade

Our St. Patrick’s Day Activity Parade includes a deeper meaning why some celebrate the Irish holiday. Here’s just a wee bit o’ history about the patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick.
St. Patrick was born in Britain, captured by the Irish for six years. He said God spoke to him in a dream to leave Ireland. He escaped, and went back to Britain where he received training as a Christian priest. As a priest, he began his mission to convert the pagan Irish, to Christianity. He knew the Irish language and culture from his years of captivity, so he chose to combine Irish ritual and symbols into his teachings rather than put an end to Irish beliefs altogether. That is how we have the Celtic cross. St. Patrick layered the sun, an Irish symbol, onto the traditional Christian cross. Irish families have traditional celebrated the feast of St. Patrick, which is a pause in the Christian season of Lent when prohibitions were lifted for one day of dancing, drinking and feasting on meat.

The Irish parades began as a tradition when the Irish soldiers were serving in the British army. The parades helped the Irish from feeling so homesick. Through the familiar sights and sounds of the Irish culture, the Irish gained strength and hope. Over the years since the Great Potato Famine, many of the Irish have immigrated to the United States and continued the parades to celebrate their memories and strength.

I am not Irish, but as so many do, I celebrate the holiday in a fun, festive way with my children, and now with my step-children. I have a parade of activities for the holiday here today. Every year I make a green meal with all the fixings and green hoopla! There are so many fun activities that we can do with children. I have compiled a great St. Patrick’s Day Activity Parade here. Follow along! You’ll find laughter and fun!

Leprechaun Hat Guitten


Craft Beer Guitten


NEW St. Patrick’s Day Activity Parade includes Green and Irish Guittens!


Rainbow Cup O’ Luck

St. Patrick's Day Activity Parade #1: Rainbow Cup O Luck
1. I used a plastic cup from the Dollar Store.
2. Approx. 8-10 Rollos (gold ones only) at the bottom.
3. Layer Skittles, purple, green, yellow, orange, and red.
4. Top with mini marshmallows.
5. Place in a sandwich baggie and tie with ribbon.





St. Patrick’s Day Activity Parade Item #1: Shamrock Shake

Goals: Gross motor movement, spatial awareness, DBT-Mindfulness, ACCEPTS (Activities), PLEASE (Exercise and Build Mastery)

Method: Group
Materials: Zippy Celtic Music St. Patrick's Day Activity Parade Item #2: Shamrock shake

1. Cut out shamrock shapes out of foam paper. Draw a different shape, letter or number on each shamrock.
2. Place them around the room on the floor.
3. Have the children stand in a circle around the shamrocks.
4. Begin music, and encourage kids to shake different body parts.
5. Periodically stop the music, and direct the children to find a shamrock to stand on.
6. Have each child identify the symbol on his/her shamrock.

Download Shamrock Cutout


St. Patrick’s Day Activity Parade Item #2: Learn to Dance a Jig

Goals: Gross motor movements, spatial awareness, DBT-Mindfulness, ACCEPTS (Activities), PLEASE (Exercise and Build Mastery)

Method: One to one or group

Materials: Fun Irish music
Song Suggestions: “McNamara’s Band” and “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”

1. Demonstrate the dance with music to encourage motivation and mastery.
2. Teach each step separately without music.
3. Walk through all the dance steps without the music.
4. Add the music!

Discussion Ideas: If you have another way of teaching dance steps, please share!
Variations: Draw the dance steps on a white/chalk board to follow.

Here is a video of a group performing a jig.


St. Patrick’s Day Activity Parade Item #3: Hot Leprechaun

Goals: Gross motor movements, teamwork, DBT-Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation

Method: One to one or group
Stuffed leprechaun (like the Elf on the shelf)
Jolly Celtic jig music

It’s like the game, “Hot Potato.” Play the music, when it stops, the child holding the leprechaun is out. The last one with the Leprechaun wins.

Discussion Ideas:
Emotions can be part of every game and part of situations in life. These moments present an opportunity: Observe how your clients attempt to cope with frustration, and you can talk with them about it. When we help them cope with the anxiety, frustration, and disappointment that are part of every game – and everything we do.

Teacher/Therapist: Play enthusiastically. In these playful, competitive interactions, in innumerable small experiences of victory, followed by defeat, followed by victory, losing becomes tolerable. Let young children win, but not every time. They will learn from competition the importance of teamwork and cooperation, of commitment to others and respect for our opponents, and, especially, learning to play by the rules.

Could substitute the Leprechaun with a gold bean bag


Do the Leprechaun March with LOTS OF HEART!

Watch This!

Do you have any questions about the Guittens (patent pending)? If you do, write it below, and we can talk.

New Video

Watch this creative new video designed to teach how to use a Guitten and why it was created. Like it? Leave a comment below.

New Year Happenings

New Year Happenings

It’s Hap Hap Happening! The New Year is almost here! It certainly was a fun and exciting 2014. Here’s a rundown of all that happened in 2014 for the amazing, adorably cute Guittens.

1. The Guittens received a patent pending.
2. The website was launched in April 2014.
3. The first 3 collections were created and released: Backyard Buddies, Farm Friends, Flower Garden
4. The Plain Jane Collection was created which included the Wipeable Black Guitten.
5. My husband and I attended the Annual American Music Therapy Association Conference in Louisville, Kentucky with a vendor booth.

Guitten 2014 Collage

6. We added a Winter Friends Collection for the holidays.
7. Created the first of the Jungle Friends Collection, “Levi Lion.”
8. Provided Gift Certificates to the site.
9. Released the 1st Guitten Song E-Book available for sale and download.
10. Created an Orange Ribbon Guitten to donate all proceeds to the Stephens Family of Bear Paw Creek who is battling cancer with their daughter, Piper.

Stay tuned for all the exciting plans for the 2015 year!

Hello 2015

Penguin Carolers Headquarters

Penguin Carolers Headquarters

It’s Christmas activity time, and everyone just loves bonus penguin activity stuff! Right?! Learn all about penguins through songs and activities. I have adapted a few songs to share.

Plus, I have included a link to a Penguin Word Bank Freebie from a great resource, You’ll need to create a simple log-in to download the freebie. Included in this penguin activity freebie, you’ll receive a picture/word chart of all the different penguins. I have adapted the song, “Down By The Bay,” to this activity to complement learning all about the different species of penguins. There are penguin worksheets you can use for songwriting activities as well. Enjoy and be creative!

Activity Goals:

Phonemic Awareness
– Rhyming
Emotional/Social Skills
– Group cohesiveness
Animals recognition
Receptive and Expressive Communication

Down By The Sea
(Adapted by Jody Tucker from Raffi’s song, “Down By the Bay”)

Down by the sea, where the penguins go
Back to my home, I dare not go.
For if I do, my mother will say,
Did you ever see a Macaroni,
driving a Zamboni, down by the sea?

Did you ever see a Rockhopper,
eating a Whopper, down by the sea?

Did you ever see a Magellanic,
being a mechanic, down by the sea?

Did you ever see a Galapagos,
playing the bongos, down by the sea?

Did you ever see a colony,
saying “I wannabe,” down by the sea?

Did you ever see a Chinstrap,
reading the Arctic map, down by the sea?

Did you ever see the Emperor,
running for Senator, down by the sea?

We Lil’ Penguins Are Important to You
(Adapted by Jody Tucker from, “We Three Kings from Orient Are”)

We lil’ penguins are important to you.
Sharing climate, of course is our world view.
Ant-arc-tica, Galapagos Is-lands,
Near water it’s true.

We lil’ penguins can’t fly, it’s true.
Flippers like paddles, don’t need a canoe.
Leap in the water, swim even farther,
We don’t want to live in the zoo.

If I Could Be A Penguin
(Adapted by Jody Tucker from the traditional song, “The More We Get Together”)

If I could be a penguin, a penguin, a penguin
If I could be a penguin, what kind would I be?
A Macaroni, an Emperor
A Little Blue, a King.
If I could be a penguin, I would be a (child fills in the blank)

I’m a Little Penguin
(Adapted from “I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little penguin
Black and white
Stout and fluffy
What a sight

I can’t fly
But, I love to swim
So, I’ll waddle to the water
and dive right in


There are 17 species of penguins that are naturally found exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Emperor Penguins are the tallest species, standing nearly 4 feet tall. The smallest is the Little Blue Penguin, which is only about 16 inches.

Did you know that the fastest penguin is the Gentoo Penguin? It can reach swim up to 22 mph.

Most penguin species live in colonies.

Many penguin species mate for with the same penguin season after season.

Penguins have excellent hearing and rely on distinct calls to find their mates when returning to the colonies.

Compliment Your Session Activity with a Penguin Guitten!

Penny Penguin Guitten

Buy the Penny Penguin Guitten

Share Your Ideas!
Do you have a penguin song or an activity you’d like to share? Leave your ideas below and share with everyone! Thank you!!

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