Dragonfly Mini


Great Valentine's Day Guitten

Inside Dimensions of the Guitten Mini-Dragonfly
Height: 5 and 1/4 inches
Width: 6 inches with a rounded top

The outer layer is made out of cotton fabric.
The middle layer is made of polyester batting.
The inner layer is made of poly/cotton fabric.
The secure strap is made of fabric and hook and loop tape to secure it in place.

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The Guitten Mini protects the head of the ukulele. Available in one standard size which can fit a variety of ukulele sizes. Fit may vary with some ukulele brands. Guitten Minis provide multiple layers of protection from movement of the tuning pegs.

Purpose of a Guitten Mini:
1. Conceal! Guitten Minis hide the tuning pegs from children's curiosity. No more little fingers reaching to re-tune the ukulele without instruction!

2. Protection! If your ukulele is stored in a thin case, the Guitten Mini could prevent the tuning pegs from turning easily.

Each Guitten Mini is creatively hand-crafted.

There are a variety of designs to choose from. Get YOUR Guitten Mini today!

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